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Auto Prestige Performance Accessories

High quality accessories for Utes, SUVs and Vans

Auto Prestige’s mission is to bring valuable, innovative and best quality products at a very cost efficient price point. They strive to bring modern high quality auto accessories so that you stand out from the crowd with your car. They do this well through the custom design of all products, which they create with factories around the world. Having built relationships with major well known auto accessory suppliers, they continuously upgrade and re-design products with new innovations and growing technology to stay on top of the game.

Product finder for your vehicle

The product finder allows you to filter through brands and accessories to make your search seamless.

Easy In-store Stock control

We integrated VendHQ Stock Manager to the website to sync through product data and inventory to update in real time thus making stock management a breeze.


Go live is not the end of the line. Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to the success of a website reliant on leads. We continue to optimise Auto Prestige for #1 organic rankings on Google and other search engines.

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